Sandra Young is a multi-talented individual with an array of skills and passions. In the past, she has worked with wild and exotic animals, earning her a reputation as an expert in her field. Her love for animals is evident in all her work, and her ability to connect with them on a personal level has made her a favorite among her clients.

Sandra’s extensive experience in animal care spans a diverse range of wild and exotic species, including but not limited to tamanduas, giant tortoises, and chameleons, attesting to her deep passion and knowledge in this field.

Sandra is also an experienced historic house refurbisher. Her passion for old homes and architecture has led her to acquire and restore several historic properties, breathing new life into these beautiful homes while maintaining their authenticity. Her attention to detail is impressive, and her work is truly remarkable.

Sandra’s love for historic homes has come full circle, as she and Mic, an expert wood worker, have designed and built all the interior pieces for Moss Adventures from reclaimed barn wood. It’s a testament to her commitment to preserving the beauty of old things and creating something new and exciting from them.

Sandra’s inspired designs, brought to life by Mic’s exceptional craftsmanship, embody their joint commitment to sustainable and creative design, resulting in an impressive portfolio of reclaimed barnwood projects that are both functional and aesthetically striking.

When it comes to overlanding and Land Rovers, Sandra’s husband, Shayne, is her partner in adventure. They have traveled the world in their purpose built Land Rovers, which they have modified to fit their specific needs. Their love for the outdoors and nature is apparent in the incredible images they capture on their adventures.

"I can't resist mentioning their wildly adventurous and unforgettable CAMEL TROPHY wedding, but I'll save that story for my upcoming blog post, where I promise to give you all the details"

Guided by Shayne’s adept driving skills and Sandra’s expert navigation, NEMO and CAMILLA have braved the most challenging terrains, demonstrating the unwavering commitment of this intrepid duo to explore the world’s wonders and share their experiences with others.

As successful entrepreneurs, Sandra and Shayne are co-founders and co-owners of Moss Adventures. Their experience and expertise in overlanding and Land Rover maintenance have been instrumental in developing this unique adventure company. They have been able to bring their passion for wildlife and nature to their work, offering clients an unforgettable experience.

Sandra’s passion for cooking is also worth mentioning. She enjoys cooking delicious meals on the road and has created gourmet dishes in the middle of nowhere, using only a portable stove and limited ingredients. Her passion for cooking has helped her create lasting memories and make friends on her travels.

Sandra’s culinary prowess shines even amidst the challenges of overlanding, as she artfully crafts delectable cuisines that tantalize the taste buds and elevate the entire camping experience.

Sandra’s love for design and attention to detail is evident in all aspects of her life, whether it’s refurbishing historic homes or designing and building the interior pieces for her company. Her commitment to sustainability and preserving the beauty of old things is a guiding principle that she brings to all of her work.

Sandra’s many talents also include being an accomplished singer and musician. She has been involved with various bands over the years, both as a lead vocalist and a backing singer. Her passion for music has given her a unique perspective on the world, and she believes that it is a universal language that can bring people together and inspire change. To the end of every night, her desire is to have an impromptu acoustic session around a campfire, where she can share her love for music with friends and fellow travelers. Whether she’s performing on stage or singing around a campfire, Sandra’s infectious energy and passion for music are always evident.

"It is an absolute honor and a joy to work with Sandra. Her passion for her work, attention to detail, and commitment to sustainability are truly inspiring. Her diverse range of skills and expertise make her an invaluable asset to any team, and her positive attitude and contagious enthusiasm make every project a pleasure to work on.” 

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