Born in 1965, Jeff Moss was brought up in the world of the creative and different. Raised in Maine, his parents, Bill & Marilyn Moss, built a highly successful company along with his Father’s fabric inventions called Moss Tents. These tents were the number one expedition, backpacking and extreme weather tents in the world. Bill Moss’ fabric innovations revolutionized the outdoor industry.

Later on, Jeff attended a boarding school in Massachusetts that had an intense focus on the arts. Jeff had the opportunity to study classical art, drawing, painting as well as several musical instruments.  Moss went to The Boston Museum School for the Arts to study design. After school, he moved to Arizona to learn about the new Macintosh computers for design. This is where he started his business career of design and advertising. In 1985, he began the building of his reputation as a creative. He worked as Art director to AT&T and then on to art direct a few other companies before he decided to start his own agency. During this time, Jeff had been working in the creative industry of advertising, branding and design as a “hands on” art director and creative director for over the next 20 years. Through his skills in networking and relationship building, he has brought in and worked with clients such as Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenburg with GameWorks, Petsmart, Polygram Records, Houston’s Restaurants, Diageo; Cuervo, Bailey’s, Ciroc Vodka, Captain Morgans, Smirnoff Vodka, The Phoenix Film Festival, International Horror & Sci Fi Film Festival, Morgans Hotel Group, Monterey Homes, The Dial Corporation, Sara Lee Foods, The Phoenix Coyotes and more.

Jeff has been responsible for the many creative concepts and brands seen all over the world. Jeff has won several awards including Addys and Tellys and has been published in several international design publications.   His work experience spans through strategic brand design and development, budget management, print campaigns, television commercials, film/video, outdoor, direct mail, web design, internet marketing campaigns, brand directed event promotions, and branded merchandise development. During his thirty year career, Moss grew his reputation as a creative, as well as his reputation as a fearless social connector. He has met and befriended celebrities, sports figures, comedians, actors, directors, producers as well as several other talented creatives in many different fields. 

He was the co-founder of one of the top Ad agencies in Arizona and has won several awards for his creative designs and concepts and helped on the success of several brands and identities know all over the world.  Now, he resides in Raton, NM as the co-owner and Creative Director of Moss Adventures.  Moss Adventures is a concept of experiential adventures that will capture the essence of the original Moss Tents brand ethos.

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